April 12, 2004, I am sitting home watching television , when the telephone rings…
The voice of an unidentified female is on the other end…I am calling to tell you about your husband girlfriend, Barbara Matthews on the job!

What….who the hell are you and why are you calling to tell me anything? I must say you are brave enough to make an anonymous phone call, but not courageous enough to give your name.
Not mention, you think that I am stupid enough to believe one word you have said. So, let get something straight right now

  1. you have to be out of your mind if you think for one moment I’m going allow you to disrupt my life with your nonsense; girl you are so, wrong!
  2. Since you never told me who you were, and I know that you are not my friend… so you must be the woman with her eyes on a married man.
  3. Don’t ever… call me again with this, bs!

Once the call ended, I am sitting wondering, can this be happening. So I called my husband…some dam woman just called, informing me that Barbara Matthews is your girlfriend on your job. What is this?
He is caught off guard, you can hear it in his voice. Not wanting to accuse him, … this conversation will continue once you get home.

Betrayal is destructive, and leave many ruins in its path. It changes everything. Trust is lost, wounds run deep, and the anger is so great…it makes you want to hit something or somebody! Being betrayed hurts, and you have to find ways to deal with it. Seeking revenge by cheating is not the answer. Ultimately, what matters most is getting in touch with your inner self.

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