Devils’ Advocate..High and Mighty

Candace Owens…want to be the girl that change black America

It is obviously clear that this young lady is trying to play Devils Advocate; however, what she is doing is making herself look quite ignorant. Why do I say this? She pretends to be a conservative, and has a big mouth….when given a chance to get her 15 minutes of fame ….all she does is show how desperately she wants to be well known and get rich without working a real job.

Here in this tweet about Chrissy Teigen, you say she married up and called her a trashiest celebrity in Hollywood, said she has no talent and is not smart.

Hidden under all that controversial nonsense is a young lady… that’s not so smart herself; if you were, you would have done your research before getting in front of a room full of people in London on the topic of Hitler. Your remarks made you look so foolish. What Hitler did was horrific, and he targeted a specific group of people. Just as you are committing the ultimate betrayal of all times.

You are exploiting, black America trying to convince us that we are being used by the Democrats….girl you are full of bulls..t. What do you know about black Americans and what we genuinely need to do? You are a pain in the ass.

You use the words sick and tired to incite anger in those obnoxious people that harbor hates inside. Being a black female, and being born in 1989, you are still trying to find your way in the corrupted, greedy, and pompous side of Conservative America that doesn’t care about anyone at the bottom.

One day, if you are wise, change how you put down people of color. See…when you look in the mirror all you see is an arrogant, pretentious person latching onto the topic of the day to boost your standing among the wealthy conservatives. The day will come when Trump is no longer in the White House, you will be blindsided when Fox News no longer need you to go on their race-baiting talk shows.

Who really is being used? You, my dear. The republican sent you to speak before Congress, on a topic that you really are not familiar with. It is your uncensored mouth that brings attention to yourself. I must say that you do stand by what you say, right or wrong. When called on it, you fall back on the excuse of being taken out of context.

You are an embarrassment to the human race because you are using toxic bulls..t in an attempt to gain credibility on matters you have no idea about.

You have proven to the world, that your thoughts are distorted, evil, and underhanded. You are not the first person to step on anyone to get what you want.

Wake up Candace, we don’t need your help. You are the one that is trying to use black America, you are the one that think we are stupid.

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